By: Jeanne Anderson
Independent College Consultant, College Ready, LLC
Parent of two adult children

The months of college searches, visits, and conversations are over. Your first child has been accepted to college and it is almost time to take them there. You have conflicting emotions of excitement for their new adventure ahead and sadness that your child is leaving the nest. Here are some words of advice as you get them ready to head off from a parent who has been there.

  1. Help them be strategic in what they take. Dorm rooms are not huge! For example, if they will be home before winter weather, they do not need to take all the heavy clothing at this time.
  2. Set a budget for what you are willing to spend to outfit their dorm room, for clothes and other expenses.
  3. If they need a new laptop or computer, check with the university to see if they offer discounts for purchasing through the university. This is a great option at many universities. In some cases the university tech people help with computer problems so research the university’s policy.
  4. When the big day comes to take them to school, take someone with you for the ride home if at all possible. It was far harder than I thought it would be and I was glad I had my mother on the long ride home.
  5. During the first few weeks, make some plans for yourself doing those things you have not had the time to do the past few years while you were taking care of everyone else.

One other note-you will no longer have access to your child’s records. At many universities the student can sign a waiver to give you access. This is an important conversation to have since it includes billing and grade reports.



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