To Test Optional Or Not To Test… That Is The Question



By: Bethany Schweitzer, JD, PhD
Independent College Consultant, College Ready, LLC

If you go to you will see a growing list of colleges that do not require the ACT or SAT for admission. These schools are known as test optional schools. However, in most cases you can’t just get by with saying, NOPE I hate standardized tests!  There are additional hoops in place. Many colleges require an additional essay or some other sort of proof of college preparedness.

So when faced with the decision to test or not to test there are factors to take into consideration:

  • How strong is my GPA?
  • Will testing affect chances for scholarships?
  • What additional requirements are there should I choose not to test?

Go in and ask lots of questions. Make sure you fully understand the ramification of your decision. The choice is yours.


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