Making Big Decisions

By Jeanne Anderson, PhD

Independent College Consultant, College Ready, LLC

Decisions…decisions…decisions!!! Over the past weeks, I have talked with a number of high school seniors as they struggled with the decision of where to attend college next fall. In my years as a high school counselor and now as an independent college consultant, I have watched many students agonize over this question.

Big decisions are not always easy…especially when you have great options. I still occasionally think about what would have happened if I had made the other choice along the way, but I realize that I have made good decisions and that I have had many opportunities come my way. I would not want to have missed out on the experiences I had. There are many choices along life’s path and sometimes the choices take us to a path we were not planning on. I have had many amazing experiences, have met and made great friends, and have seen many wonderful places because of the decisions I made. What I want to tell students is that whichever university they choose, they will have many wonderful experiences (and probably a few not so great ones because that is the way life is!). One of the most important things I learned about life’s big decisions is that once you make the decision, go forward and do not second guess yourself and play the “what if” game. If you are always looking backwards, you may miss out on amazing experiences ahead. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way and enjoy them to the fullest.

So to the seniors out there…enjoy the rest of your senior year and look forward to the exciting opportunities that are coming your way as you make the next step! Do not worry about the other path you could have taken; instead, find the things along the path you have chosen that will help you grow. Try new things, make new friends, and take advantage of the opportunity that university study gives you to mature and grow as a person. Look forward and enjoy the path ahead!