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29 Apr 2016
Making Big Decisions By Jeanne Anderson, PhD Independent College Consultant, College Ready, LLC Decisions…decisions…decisions!!! Over the past weeks, I have talked with a number of high school seniors as they struggled with the decision of where to attend college next fall. In my years as
12 Apr 2016
University of Alabama By: Bethany Schweitzer JD, PhD College Consultant- College Ready, LLC   Last week I had the amazing opportunity to visit the University of Alabama as part of a counselor fly in.  Prior to my trip, I didn’t know much about the University. 
By: Bethany Schweitzer, JD, PhD The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success consists of public and private universities and as of October has 84 members.  To participate, members must meet certain guidelines.  Public university members must offer affordable tuition to residents of their state.  Private